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ClicShopping is a Open Source solution for online stores


ClicShoppingTM is a free Open Source e-commerce store online B2B / B2C application in PHP  / MYSQL, built with some practical experience in e-commerce since 2001. This is not a commercial application.

ClicShoppingTM  is based on donations and other contributions, marketplace and financial support allowing to continue the process development
ClicShoppingTM does not consum lot of resources on the server, this is a lite solution, easy to install, to customize and to use.

ClicShoppingTM  has a double license, GPL 2 and MIT. License details are  available on this website:


Where can I download ClicShoppingTM open source shopping cart:

ClicShoppingTM  open source shopping cart can be download by clicking on this link  : Download ClicShopping

You can also fork the open source e-commerce solution and propose your collaboration to improve the code. We love the share the work and collaborate with some people want to promote the Open Source and the e-commerce development : Everything is available on Github
Shop Owner and Programmer can work together to propose their contributions to the community to enhance a store online open source. It can be included on GitHub or inside the marketplace.  

Admin demo access :

Catalog demo :

tutorials :

Download ClicShopping : Download ClicShopping

ClicShoppingTM open source e-commerce application architecture (A bit technical).

Although ClicShoppingTM architecture approach is innovative and unique in whole,

ClicShoppingTM has an architecture easy to understand and to use.
ClicShoppingTM utilizes some GPL and MIT third-party modules to provide familiar interfaces.
ClicShoppingTM backend is coded in PHP and Maria-Db (Open Source Db ) but it can be used under PostgreSQL and MySql database.

The Core code was designed with flexibility and expandability in mind, without lacking focus on security and performance.
The frontend of ClicShoppingTM is mobile optimized and based on the latest Bootstrap  and jQuery framwork.


Collaborate and Share

The concept is based on collaboration. The eco-system can grow  and with your implication, it's possible to improve this e-commerce  solution  to propose always a nice application for the shop owner with some open source functionalities. Everything can be shared on Github platform and with a nice collaboration to improve the development


What are the features of ClicShoppingTM  open source e-commerce

Lot of features has available for this e-commerce shopping cart application
The concept is : start your own Open Source e-commerce B2B-B2C with your own need.
Like WordPress, you can include some application inside ClicShoppingTM. Simple and adapted in function in your need


Quickly, some non-exhaustive features you can find inside the ClicShoppingTM e-commerce Open Source :


- PHP  7.x and Mariadb /Mysql

- B2B - B2C  full functionalities
- WYSIWYG to create your products description, content with CKeditor4.x

- Image Editor management with El-Finder 2.x - drag and drop
- Full SEO functionalities optimization ad url
- Payment and Shipping modules included inside the application with Paypal
- Extension System to install new Applications via the back-office
- No limit to insert content
- Some dynamic statistics inside the dashboard and all the back-office
- GDRP included and some regulation aspect
- Some configuration capacities to adapt the settings in function of your needs in B2B or B2C
- Ready for mobile, tablet and desktop with BootStrap 4.x technology
- Several modes of payment / delivery can be installed
- More 250 modules available and free functional on the marketplace and available on Github !
- Full responsive design  application with Bootstrap 4.x
- Multi-template
- multi-currency
- Multi-language (English and french included)
- Extension auto install
- Composer installation for library inside apps and update / remove / versionning via apps

- Librairie with composer /phpmailer / xml rpc included fo auto install and auto update

- Free Apps osCommerce, OpenCart, ZenCart, Crealoaded, Prestashop .... database migration available on the marketplace

- ...

ClicShoppingTM is a free Open Source e-commerce store online B2B / B2C application in PHP / MYSQL, built with some practical experience in e-commerce since 2001. This is not a commercial application.
Name:  ClicShopping is a Open Source solution for online stores
Model No.  ClicShopping
In Stock: 20
Product added: 18/02/2019
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Product Video

  • Name  ClicShopping is a Open Source solution for online stores
    Model No.  ClicShopping
    Product added:  Monday 18 February, 2019
    Product modified:  Sunday 13 October, 2019
    In Stock:  20
    More stock due:  Wednesday 19 May, 2021

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